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About Seminarer.dk

More than 20 years with Seminarer.dk

Our philosophy: We bring people together to share and discuss the newest knowledge and tools.

High-level professional knowledge sharing

It all started in 1998, when Bernhardt Strandstoft founded the company, which today is known as Seminarer.dk. In 2017, Seminarer.dk was taken over by Bernhardt's son, Nicky Strandstoft, and development manager Anne-Katrine Mølgaard. Today, Seminarer.dk has 20 employees who annually arrange around 200 courses, theme days and educations. Our desire is to cover a need for fast and accurate professional knowledge sharing, as well as to have an extensive network of experts who can help us create professional and personal development days of the highest quality.

Great demand for education

To meet the broad demand for new professional knowledge, Seminarer.dk today offers everything from free articles on the website to one-day events, shorter and longer training courses as well as tailored training and strategy courses for the individual municipality or private organization. Our article area, where new and fresh articles are constantly being added, has become especially popular.

Several times a year, we invite experts and practitioners from abroad to Denmark to inspire the Danish debate in a given subject area. We are constantly working to find the latest knowledge and practice and bring it near you.

Courses and education for all

We always want to be up to date with the latest courses and educations. Therefore, we rarely plan beyond 12 months. See what we have on the street right now!